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Intramural Undergraduate Research Award Application currently closed
The intramural program provides opportunities for University of Florida students to engage in multi-year research projects starting the summer following their freshman year with the expectation of receiving a second award and co-authorship in publications.
Extramural Undergraduate Research Award Application currently closed
The extramural program provides opportunities for a select number of high-ability juniors and seniors to undertake research projects outside of UF at either domestic or international partner institutions.
Ambassador Award Application currently closed
The Science for Life Ambassadors are a group of Science for Life awardees that have been chosen by the program to lead student activities.
Undergraduate Publication & Travel Award CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
The Undergraduate Publication Award rewards current SFL Undergraduate Awardees for achieving co-authorship on a published research paper or presented poster at a national conference.
MASH: Mathematics → Art ← Science at the Harn CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
The UF-HHMI Science For Life Program invites you to participate in MASH: Mathematics → Art ← Science at the Harn.
CASE information / Online Application Application currently closed
The UF-HHMI Science For Life Program, in collaboration with the UF College of the Arts, invites you to participate in the Creativity in the Arts and Sciences Event (CASE).
Graduate Student Award Application currently closed
Up to ten graduate students per year will be recognized with the HHMI Graduate Student Awards. These awards recognize graduate students who participate in research and publication opportunities in the life sciences in collaboration with undergraduates.
Distinguished Mentor Award Application currently closed
HHMI-DM awards will reward and encourage excellence in undergraduate mentoring by UF and Morehouse College faculty. Faculty will be selected on the basis of their contributions towards fostering undergraduate research efforts and will continue to support the HHMI SFL Program in promoting early research involvement.
Science for Life Undergraduate Seminar X - Laboratory
Intramural Undergraduate Research Award Extramural Undergraduate Research Award Undergraduate Publication & Travel Award Graduate Student Award Distinguished Mentor Award
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