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Science for Life Mission

With funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Science for Life Program has a mission to strengthen and transform undergraduate research and interdisciplinary laboratory education in the STEM disciplines at the University of Florida and our partnering institutions.

    Sign up now for the Science for Life Research Seminar. Search for course number BCH4905 and course title Science for Life Seminar. The seminar is a one credit course providing students with presentations from research active faculty that are currently recruiting undergraduates to work in their laboratories. http://sfl.aa.ufl.edu/seminar

    Sign up now for the X-Lab 1 (ISC 2400L) and X-Lab 2 (ISC2401L). The X-Lab provides a two-semester, inquiry-based laboratory curriculum focused on major themes and concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics with an emphasis on their integrated applications in modern, quantitative life-sciences research. http://www.x-laboratory.org

  • MASH: Thursday, April 16, 2015 from 6-9 pm at the Harn Museum
    Discover and explore the dynamic interactions between art, mathematics and science in a special Museum Night. Participate in art-making activities, see and hear collaborative projects between science and art undergraduate students, view performances and exhibitions by mathematics and science students and faculty, and enjoy free food.

    Interested in furthering your research experience to understand and reduce health disparities in society? Learn more about the offerings and the minor in Health Disparities in Society and register for the course WST 2322: Introduction to Health Disparities in Society.

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